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Top rated Russian women's photos

Top rated Russian women's photos

Top rated Russian women's photos of the previous month

Top rated Russian women's photos of the previous month

If you are looking for a Russian bride, we are here to help you.

It is not a "mail order brides". We do not sell any emails or any information of Russian ladies or yours. We provide you with a safe and happy place to meet your Russian love.

You can register for free, place your photo to photo rating, vote for pictures of Russian girls who put there pictures to photo rating.

You can browse the profiles of Russian brides, write the first letters to them or use any other method of beginning communicationg- send a wink, a postcard, an ice-brake.

If a Russian woman on the site will like your picture and rate it at 10 (maximum points), you will be notified about it, can look at her profile and see if you want to begin communication with her.

The same about you- if you put the highest mark to a girl's picture she will receive notification about it, and can thank you or tell a reciprocal complement.

To write replies to Russian girls, to read their letters, exchange personal information you need to upgrade.

All the site is moderated, new girls are checked.

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Online translator

Russian girls can know only Russian language and no other, but you still can communicate with them. Do you want her to be your Russian bride? Do not stop! Write to her! You both can use our online translator to understand each other. Do not miss the chance to understand Russian soul.

Online now feature

You can always see when Russian girls were the last time on the site. Write to her when she is online and you can receive her reply instantly. Write to girls on the first 100 pages and you won't have to wait for your reply long. They were on the site this day or the previous and very probably will come the next day again. (Some girls come very rarely, but most girls that you see on the first 100 pages come regularly).

Possibilty to exchange emails, telephons and other
information with russian girls on the site

The site has many ways to begin contact. After you upgraded and exchange the first several letters with a girl you like, if you feel comfortable with each other and want to exchange private information you can do it (in fact, we advise everywhere in our articles and matchmakers information that it is best to make a telephone call to her to establish more personal contact after several letters exchanged).

Psychological compatibility search

Find near each profile a psychological compatibility bar with the girl (of course, if you have taken the psychological test yourself). Read it, see if you are compatible with this Russian woman or not. Search for compatible Russian women.

Why do Russian girls look like models?

Why are the men worldwide so fond of Russian ladies? The reason is that women in Russia really want to be attractive and do their best to achieve this goal. Despite the lack of time and small income Russian women keep their appearance, figure and health thoroughly. There are both slim and plump ladies in Russia, but there are hardly any seriously uncared ones. Nowadays uncared Russian women, who pay no attention to their health and female attractiveness, miss their chances not only in the issues of marriage but also fail to find any well-paid and respectable job.

From childhood up Russian ladies learn to respect men and to attract their attention. They read fashionable women's magazines, study psychology of men and spend their last money for stylish foreign dress and make-up, which are extremely expensive in Russia. Russian ladies do not spare money and time to keep fit and healthy. That is the reason why fitness clubs and various medical treatments that promise you sexual appearance are one of the most popular and beneficial business in nowadays Russia.

Recently we can observe a strange and unnatural tendency emerging in the West. Proclaiming gender equality and emancipation, women are getting to contradict their initial female nature. Moreover, many of them regard recognizing woman as a sexual object as something offensive. Herefrom comes the indifference to personal appearance and shape, which finally results badly in woman's health in general.

Fortunately, this situation does not take place in Russia. Russian girls and women do not regard their sexual attractiveness as something humiliating or jeopardizing their rights. At the same time, that does not mean that they are willing to go to bed with any man. The idea of sexuality involves much more than sex with anybody. Sexuality implies pleasure everyday, inspiration and healthy life-style. Therefore Russian ladies are not afraid of being good-looking since beauty and sexual attractiveness are something really natural.

Are you afraid to be listed on Russian dating sites as you are afraid to
meet a scammer?
There are much more of them on dating sites like yahoo and american singles, where moderators do not work with them specifically. They do not know their signes and even often do not delete them on a man's request.

Our multi-level scam protection on the site helps you to get acquainted only with serious, looking for marriage Russian and Ukrainian girls.

- We have a database of ip addresses - ip addresses of different scammers. People that come from them are never activated.

- We have our own scammer list where men report scammers and we check other scammer lists to see new faces on the scene and delete their profile if they are on the site.

If a girl is reported on the site, we do in -depth check to see if she is a real serious girl or a scammer.

Many Russian girls are serious and looking for marriage. But there are some criminal scammers group that work very actively it is they who are behind most of the scammers profiles.

Maternal Drive

Nowadays it is rather typical of the West and especially of the United States when after the divorce a woman leaves her children in the care of her ex-husband. She may absolutely forget about their existence since they are supposed to cramp her progress in the matters of business and private life. There are also a lot of marriages in Russia that end in divorce but the children mainly stay with their mother. What is the reason for such a difference?

For a long period Soviet ideology required veneration of the image of Mother Homeland in Russia. Of course, there were much affected pathos in this cult but the idea of motherhood has always been really significant for Russians. Despite the fact that Russian women used to work nearly as hard as their husbands, children and all household procedures were completely on their hands. That is why the children from their birth up were much closer to their mother and after the divorce it was less harmful for them to part with their father than with her. And mothers in Russia as well have been always really tied up with their children.

A number of Russian men who leave their children with their mothers after the divorce sometimes come to see them and occasionally even pay some nominal alimony to care for them. However, very few of them want to live with their children after the divorce, and for Russia it is considered normal. Lots and lots of Russian women carry and bring their children up all alone. It hardly ever happens so that the mother leaves her child. Such a woman would be disregarded by the society. Nobody would agree to deal with her, neither men, nor women, nor employers.

A Western man who dates a Russian woman sometimes fails to understand why she refuses to leave her child in Russia in the father's care. But it should be accepted that innate maternal drive and Russian mentality would never let the woman leave her child behind.

Matchmaking services

Checking information about girls

Are you unsure that the Russian girl you are communicating with is real? Is she from St-Petersburg? We will check her identity and sincerity.

Translation of letters

Any help required in translation your letters from English to Russian and from Russian to English.

Personal Search

Do you want to find sincere, beautiful, kind and appreciative Russian ladies, ladies who are interested in you and who really want to build a relationship with you? If this is what you are looking for, then use this service and you will have a list of Russian women who answer your criteria, who are interested in you and ready to communicate with you.

Arranging dates with Russian ladies when
you are going to visit St-Petersburg

If you are going to visit St-Petersburg, we will arrange dates with beautiful Russian ladies for you. We will work with you in advance, we will help you to make a good choice, and then arrange date and time of your dates, during the meeting, we will help with translation.
Our recommendations how to find love in Ukraine and Russia

Have you come to the site to find a Russian or Ukranian bride? Do slavian girls attract you?

I will be happy to help you:

Register to the site and pay special attention to your pictures. Many men think that women do not pay attention to pictures - WRONG! They do. When you communicate with the person, then pictures go to the second plan. But in the beginning they do.

Ukraine and Russia are the countries of traditional view on the roles of men and women. Most of the information is written in your profile. That's why your letter can be rather short. It can be rather traditional: I like you, do you like my profile. Or you can think of something more original. If you want to be slower in your approach send the Russian girls on the site postcards or ice-breaks.

In the first letters write when you can come to Ukraine or Russia, be definite. On this site, women are serious looking for a partner for life, and many of them met with the case when men just wrote, wrote, wrote for several years but the time went by. That's why many women reply less gladly when they do not know when a man can come.

Choose the women with whom it is easy for you to communicate, with whom you never miss words. Ask them for a telephone number, phone, talk with a girl will tell you more about her than tons of letters.

When you have established good relationship with a girl, try to come to Russia or Ukraine as soon as possible. The more you delay your visit to your girl the more chance that the relationship will go down - she will marry somebody else who has come earlier.

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Instant compatibility

Near most of the profiles there is a set from five hearts. What do they mean? With some ladies I have 5 red hearts , with others pink or grey hearts.

The red hearts show Instant compatibility with Russian ladies. Of course, it does not mean that if you have ideal compatibility with a Russian woman you and she will fall immidiately in love. But it shows those people with whom


I saw on your site
the words Verified informaiton. What does it mean? Some girls have Unverified information written in their profiles, does it mean that they lie?

We put the words Verified information to the profile of those Russian and Ukranian ladies whom we saw personally in our office and check their paper or who sent us copies of their paper to confirm their identity, marital status, age and place of living.

Of course it does not mean that the Russian women where words Unverfiied information is written lie. They can be (and most of them really are) honest and sincere ladies, they just did not make this step.

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